Bo Salisbury has ministered the gospel of the Kingdom from his teenage years.  His travels have taken him to 29 nations and 32 states since 1993, ministering in churches, leadership conferences, evangelistic crusades, prisons, prophetic training seminars, Bible Schools, etc.  He has also served the body of Christ as a church planter and as a pastor.  His ministry is characterized by apostolic revelation and wisdom that brings breakthrough to churches, leaders and regions that he is sent to. Miracles, deliverance, prophetic words and strong impartation of the Spirit are common in his meetings.  Bo’s message brings enlightenment to that which hinders forward progress as well as strategy to overcome every hindrance of the enemy to fulfilling divine purpose.

Grace Life International is a non-profit organization that was established to facilitate the expansion of God’s Kingdom throughout the nations of the earth.  Although many third world countries are recipients of ministry through Grace Life, many churches, leaders and individuals have also been blessed as well, right here in the United States.



God is the author of all true vision, as He enables us to see in part what He sees in whole.  No individual, minister, church, denomination or movement has the totality of God’s vision.  Each one sees a unique view of God, His Word and His purpose for them in the Kingdom of God.  And each one is gifted by the Spirit to fulfill that particular role in the plan of God, which brings to pass God’s overall vision.

Today there are numerous local churches that exist independently of each other. But according to scripture, there was only one church in each location in the first century, some of which consisted of thousands of members each.  When divisions began to form around leadership preferences in the church at Corinth, Paul appealed to them to work out their differences as opposed to giving up on each other and splitting up into different denominations based on similar beliefs.  God’s heart as a Father is that His children would get along, love each other and work together in His kingdom.  The church has strayed far from God’s desire for its oneness and it is our responsibility to move in the direction of His perfect will:  “that we would be one as God is one.” (Jn. 17:22)

Grace Life International is directly linked to promoting spiritual unity among believers in different regions of the earth.  We do not claim to be “the church” or even “a church,” but we are a part of the church, which consists of every born again believer in the earth and in heaven.  And we intend to fulfill our part of the vision of God.    We believe that even as God restores that which is broken in our lives, He is both willing and able to knit our hearts together in His love once again.

A number of years ago the Lord showed me a vision that I believe represents His heart’s desire for unity in His family.  In this vision I saw a gentle stream transform into a mighty river.  Several other small streams fed into this river to increase its depth and current.  Then I saw a few creeks branch out only to remain isolated from the river.  They eventually lost their momentum and dried up.  But the mighty river could not be stopped, no matter what obstacles got in its way.  Upon seeking the Lord for the meaning of this vision, the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart the Father’s desire for His family to be one so the world would believe in His Son. (John 17:21)  He also conveyed to me the danger of refusing to properly relate with the rest of the church as portrayed by the creeks that dried up.

In this hour God is raising up peacemakers in the Spirit to encourage God’s people to lay down the weapons that are used to compete with each other and pick up the tools that will help them complete each other. (Isaiah 2:4)  This is easier said than done and will not be accomplished overnight.  But know this for sure:  “with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible!”

We aren’t implying that every local church needs to shut its doors to form one gigantic church organization. What we are saying is that God’s true church, including believers from hundreds of local churches, needs to function as the interconnected body of Christ, not as independent body parts.  To simply allow the status quo to have its way in our spiritual lives reeks of complacency and the desire to turn a deaf ear to that which is difficult.  This avoidance of conflict feeds the divisive spirit and also hinders the spirit of unity.  But it’s this very process of loving each other unconditionally through challenging situations that will cause all of us to mature so we can see the whole vision of God instead of just our own myopic vision.

Having said that, the way God enables us to fulfill vision, whether on a personal level or together as the body of Christ, is by the grace he gives us.  His grace is supernatural ability to do what we cannot do on our own.  Jesus demonstrated how we can lives our lives by grace.  The only way to be truly successful in life is by receiving and responding to supernatural grace.  It is this concept of grace life that fuels this ministry to keep moving forward.

Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing and only taught what he heard the Father saying.  Really, he depended on the leading of Holy Spirit in his private prayer life and in his public ministry.  The Holy Spirit strengthened his spirit and made him sensitive to what the Father was doing, therefore he cooperated with grace.  He received it through relationship with the Father and released it as he recognized the Father’s will.

In God’s plan for the church to expand His Kingdom throughout the earth, grace has a tremendous role.  We cannot come together in unity apart from grace and we cannot transform our world without a unified effort to release grace through the church to the world.  Grace gives the church supernatural ability to not only shake off the influence of the world and religion, but it gives us the God-given ability to transform society by the power of the Word and Spirit.


Grace Life Beliefs



We  Believe That…

  1. God is the source of everything that is made, both visible and invisible.
  2. Mankind was created to be in relationship with God and to rule the visible world (earth) as God rules the invisible world (heaven).
  3. When man chose to disobey the Word of God, sin caused every part of his life, including his environment, to enter into a state of perpetual decay.
  4. Although man attempts to earn favor with God through various religious practices, nothing can take the place of a true relationship with God.
  5. God made it possible for man to have a personal relationship with Himself by becoming a man in the person of Jesus Christ and by taking sin out of the equation.  Because Jesus paid mankind’s penalty for sin through His death on the cross, we can receive forgiveness of sins.  And because He was raised from the dead, we can receive newness of life, thus being “born again.”
  6. To begin a personal relationship with God, people must recognize their need for God, believe in the redemptive work of Christ, and choose to receive forgiveness of sins and spiritual life from God.  This initial encounter with God is accompanied by the reception of God’s Spirit into the spirit of man, making it possible for man to know God for himself.
  7. The Holy Spirit enables believers to hear God’s voice, obey His Word, overcome the effects of sin and minister to others in various ways.  His mission is to transform people into the likeness of Christ so He can be seen through their lives, thus causing others to want to know Him for themselves.
  8. As communication is crucial for any relationship, so the Word of God is vitally important in the lives of people in relationship with God.  The Bible contains truths that are exemplified through the lives of many individuals who each had a personal relationship with God in different eras of human existence.  Because the Holy Spirit inspired the authors of the Bible to share truth with others, the Holy Spirit is also able to interpret the meaning of God’s Word, helping us to understand truth for ourselves.  All of God’s Word is relevant to our lives if we allow the Holy Spirit to apply it to our circumstances.
  9. The church is the institution that God designed to function as a spiritual family on earth, consisting of every person who has a relationship with God.  As the family is supposed to be led by parents, so the church is designed to be led by spiritual parents who truly care for those under their supervision.  The church, consisting of various spiritual relationships, provides believers with a safe environment to learn more about God, receive encouragement from others and minister to the needs of others as well.  Everyone in relationship with God should eventually discover, develop and fulfill the specific purpose God has for their lives, both within the church and in the world. That involves the exercise of God-given gifts, which are given to each believer to represent God in a unique way.
  10. A well-balanced spiritual life consists of personal time communicating with God, receiving ministry from spiritual leaders, fellowshipping with other believers (both in community life and in personal relationships), mentoring younger believers, and sharing God’s love and truth with those who don’t know Him yet.
  11. God’s intention for the church at large is to represent Him to the world, extending the influence of heaven throughout the earth.  This is only made possible as believers surrender their lives to the will of God on a personal level, allowing God’s kingdom to bring restoration to every area of their lives.  Ultimately God will make all things new, bringing total restoration to mankind and to the environment He has called us to rule.  The age we live in will culminate with the return of Jesus Christ, at which time we will reign with Him.  Until then, the role of the church is to walk in ever-increasing dominion in the earth, growing closer to God and ministering life to those who don’t know Him yet.
  12. To sum up what we believe about our focus in life, we borrow from the words of Jesus that refer to the two greatest commandments of all:  “love God with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.”

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