Grace Life Consultation

For over 3 decades now, I’ve consistently discipled others in the Christian journey. In the business community, I’ve trained countless people in construction and real estate, many of which have successful businesses to this day. I also used to have a consulting firm that coached homeowners through their own home improvement projects and new real estate investors to be successful in that market. In ministry settings, I’ve pastored believers, mentored other spiritual leaders and ministered in leadership conference settings for over 20 years. I’m a firm believer in consulting others based on the wisdom that God has given you.

     Grace Life Consultation is designed to give you access to the wisdom I’ve gained through decades of life, relationship, business, ministry and Christian experience at a nominal cost. I developed an information form for clients to fill out that helps locate areas to focus on in consultation appointments, thus maximizing the time given and making the consultation well-worth the cost. Once the information sheet is filled out and sent to me either by email or mail, the client pre-pays $69 for up to a one-hour session through one of several payment options: PayPal, website, credit card authorization form or check. Once payment is processed the appointment can be made, which takes place on either a Facebook messenger Video or Audio call. All subsequent consultations happen the same way except with the option of $69 for up to a one-hour session or $39 for up to a half-hour session. Prior to the appointment I will review the information sheet and pray over it for discernment and wisdom pertaining to you and your situation, which doesn’t count against the time of your consultation. The clock starts when we connect on Facebook messenger.

I’ve also developed Grace Life Oasis to facilitate spiritual relationships that are ongoing versus occasional. This consultation service is designed to not only meet a current need, but also determine if there is a relationship that God is leading us into for His Kingdom sake. For more information or to arrange a consultation send us an email to get started. For more information about Grace Life Oasis go to this link:</a

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