Grace Life Partners

I am in great need of ministry partners whose spirits resonate with the vision that burns within me to encourage leaders and strengthen churches around the world. I definitely need partners who will both pray and give in support of the mandate the Lord has given me. Ministering in the USA is one thing, but traveling all over the world to minister in nations that aren’t as blessed as we are is another thing. But I’ve also engaged in a mission right here in this nation to minister in churches and to leaders who don’t always have the means to adequately take care of expenses. New churches need strengthened when they are vulnerable to trying circumstances. And leaders need encouraged in times that tempt them to give up. So I’ve stepped up to the plate to try to fill in the gap.

It takes tens of thousands of dollars to do what I do. I rely on people like you whose hearts are moved by the love of God to make missions around the world and right here in the USA possible. I can’t even begin to explain to you the degree of impact that takes place every time the Lord sends me somewhere. We’re talking hundreds and thousands who are born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered and encouraged by the prophetic word of the Lord every year. Not to mention the teaching and preaching that has matured and equipped so many leaders, increasing their effectiveness in their ministries.

In addition to spiritual ministry in church services and leadership conferences, much needed encouragement for leaders has gone on behind the scenes. And as much as I’ve been able to, I’ve ministered to natural needs including food, clothing, toys and supplies for orphanages, expenses for leaders, etc. But I’ve been greatly limited in regards to what I can give and what I can do. In fact, I’ve given sacrificially so many times to make these trips possible out of my own savings. That’s because I believe in what I do. And that’s because I see the results firsthand. Please pray about what God would have you to do, whether a one-time gift or possibly on a monthly ongoing basis. If you desire to partner with us, sign up for the newsletter to receive pertinent information that will help you pray for us, as well as give you many reasons to rejoice over the Kingdom results of your giving.

Like the apostle Paul, I desire the fruit that will abound to your account as a result of sowing into this ministry. I believe this is fertile ground where Kingdom expansion takes place at an accelerated rate, not only in the nations, but in your life and ministry!

For those who desire to give through PayPal but need a tax deduction for your giving, the link is You can also go to the Donate page for online giving or our address.

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