Kingdom Culture 2019

Hi! Bo Salisbury here inviting you to be apart of Kingdom Culture 2019, an international prophetic leadership summit on October 3-5 right in the heart of Amish country in Millersburg, Ohio!  A prophetic gathering in Amish country might sound like an oxymoron, but we’re believing that the Word of the Lord will upgrade all of us with a more accurate assessment of what God is saying to the body of Christ today as well as the wisdom to know how we need to respond to the Word of the Lord. 

     Many prophetic gatherings focus on what transpires in energized spiritual atmospheres but don’t place as much emphasis on what that means for everyday life after the event is over.  For this very reason we have 3 highly prophetic leaders speaking in this gathering, all of which are effective apostolic builders as well.  I believe God wants to bridge the gap between prophetic and apostolic camps in the body of Christ, as God never designed prophetic and apostolic ministry to be isolated.  Together, they are foundational ministries that pioneer forward movement for the body of Christ.  

     Praise and worship will be led by Vince Herrera who has led praise and worship for the Asuza Gathering with Lou Engle and others.  The speakers are David Balestri from Australia, Alexander Stekelenburg from the Netherlands and David Hoskins from Mexico.  Along with myself and pastor Larry Hasemeyer of Gateway Fellowship here in Millersburg, this affords us the opportunity to get prophetic perspective from church leaders from around the world in 1 conference!  As the Scripture says “there is safety in the multitude of counselors.” 

     David Balestri leads a ministry called Marketplace Invasion which equips believers and trains leaders to be successful in taking the power and love of God into the marketplace through prophetic ministry and evangelism.  He also is the executive pastor for Mark and Darlene Zschech in Sydney, Australia.  He ministers prophetically in churches and conferences throughout Australia and other nations of the world and is a successful life coach for business executives and church leaders.  David has an ability through fresh prophetic insight and language to stir passion in people to fully engage in their high calling.  

     Alexander Stekelenburg is the founder of Eagle’s Nest Church in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  He also conducts Schools of the Prophets throughout his nation and other nations as well.  In addition to ministering in churches and conferences, he trains leaders through his New Breed Arise School of Ministry.  Alexander’s spirit burns with a holy passion to inspire people to break free from mediocrity and to accurately coordinate their lives with both the Logos and Rhema Word of God. 

     David Hoskins lives in Houston, Texas but oversees an expansive region in Mexico consisting of 60 churches and growing.  He has been going into Mexico numerous times each year for the last 19 years, pioneering new church plants among the natives as well as training leadership in various cities.  He is closely associated with Chuck Pierce and other well respected prophetic and apostolic leaders.  He is very proficient in translating prophetic perception into apostolic strategy and then following vision through to tangible Kingdom expression.  He will challenge you to do the same.  

     All 3 speakers are close friends of mine so I can attest to their purity of heart, humility of mind, commitment to excellence and determination to expand Kingdom influence in their own lives and in the lives of others.  They are all relational as well as revelational and revolutionary!  My kind of people! 

     Evening services will be very dynamic with a powerful prophetic flow in music, Word and demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit.  Services start at 7 pm on Thursday and Friday with pre-service Prayer and Prophetic music at 6:30 pm setting the atmosphere for powerful prophetic encounters!  Friday and Saturday morning services start at 10 am, once again with pre-service Prayer and prophetic flow at 9:30 am.  The mornings will have a stronger leadership focus that will include teaching, a prophetic panel consisting of all the speakers to answer questions & dialogue about prophetic perspective of current issues, and a time for personal prophetic ministry and impartation.  

    Make plans to attend now as October is a busy tourist season in this area with festivals in the Amish community.  In fact, there’s an antique festival going on the weekend of the conference if that kind of thing interests you.  But one thing’s for sure, this conference is going to be very impactful for all who attend, including those involved in church leadership.  After both evening services a time of fellowship and refreshments will be provided for those engaged in 5-fold ministry, both locally and itinerantly.  While the dynamic conference setting can be very impactful, we greatly value relationships and therefore make time for that as well.

Please register at and book accommodations at one of the hotels listed on the conference flyer. We’ve blocked off a portion of these two hotels for the conference. Of course, you can search yourself but don’t wait too long as they will be gone relatively soon. Hope to see you there!!

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