South Africa 2017

This trip to the nation of South Africa was characterized by the miraculous! We had over 250 confirmed miracles in about a month, as God confirmed His Word with signs and wonders following. We had a number of services where EVERYONE that was prayed for was instantly healed! For instance, in one meeting the Lord said He’s “healing back problems” so I asked how many people that applied to. Twenty-five people raised their hands. After a general prayer for everyone, 15 were instantly healed. So I had the other 10 come up and began laying hands on them, and one by one they were being healed. But with 3 people left, i heard the Lord say not to pray for the rest. He led me to have the congregation pray for them. So as they prayed, 2 were healed. Then i picked a lady out of the crowd and had her lay hands on the last person. And of course, the last person was healed too! I love the way God does what He does! Not only did He heal the people, but He also empowered others to move in the supernatural. God is so good!!

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