USA 2017

I ministered in a number of different churches and leadership meetings this year throughout the US and saw God do some incredible things, both in meetings and in relationships. God truly is connecting His body for Kingdom purpose in this hour! I’m seeing God assemble a body made up of incredible diversity, unified by the Spirit to advance His cause.

One unusual thing i noticed was that when i ministered on apostolic alignment and reformation, God would heal almost every back problem in the services, many times every one. And when I ministered on unity and restoration, God would heal almost every joint problem in the services. (And of course, a wide range of miracles outside of these two things as well.) But I realized that the prophetic significance of these signs and wonders points to the fact that God is getting the church “back on track, realigned with His purpose.” And part of this process has to do with establishing and restoring relationships. Joints speak of relationships because they are where two body parts are joined together so they can work together for the good of the entire body. God never ceases to amaze me in how he leads and orchestrates His intention in the earth!

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